Eyrie in Winter

We’re excited to offer the opportunity to enjoy Morse Mountain, Seawall Beach, and the Bates Morse Mountain Conservation Area in winter. When we rebuilt Eyrie in 2002, we decided to replace the original house with a winterized structure that we could use in all seasons. Eyrie now provides a unique opportunity to appreciate and hike/ski through this beautiful remote area at a time when there are more moose than humans on the property.

Although winter conditions vary annually, it is usually cold and you can count on a brisk, sometimes howling, wind.  In the past ten years, there has been relatively little snow and it was easy to hike most of the winter. A few winters ago, heavy snows in December lingered for much of the winter and provided excellent, thrilling cross-country skiing.  With crashing waves breaking over Low Tide Rock and Snow Buntings flashing along the upper beach, Seawall Beach is remarkably different and beautiful in winter.

Renting Eyrie in winter presents special challenges and winter rentals should be viewed as something akin to “comfortable adventure camping.” First, the road is not plowed and Eyrie is approximately 1 mile from the parking area, with a moderately steep 200 ft. climb. If there is snow, cross country skis, snowshoes, toboggans or sleds, and backpacks, are essential for hauling food and getting around.

Eyrie is very tightly built and insulated, has heat in the bathrooms and a great wood stove that heats the house in an hour. Wood is provided. Please keep bathroom doors closed at all times; the heated floors are to heat the bathrooms, not the house. There is a fully equipped kitchen and 4 bedrooms.
(See Eyrie for more details and pictures).

We do not provide cleaning service in winter and we expect guests to leave the house in a thoroughly clean condition and to take their trash down to the Morse Mtn. Road garage. A  $100 fee will be billed if it is necessary to clean after a guest.

As with any remote winter experience, we want to remind guests that safety needs to be a high priority. Roads and steep areas are often icy and require extra care. 

Eyrie Sunset

Eyrie Sunset - New Year’s Eve - 2003

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