Some of the spectacular views available
Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

1877 View 2007

A Frame Meadow 2007

Morse River 2007

Eyrie View 2007

View from Morse Mountain

Sprague Marsh from Morse Mtn Dec 2005

Dune and White Rock Dec 2005

Eyrie Sunset New Year's Eve 2003

Eyrie sunrise New Years Day 2005

Seawall Beach Dec 2005

Eyrie New Year's Day 2004

1877 Winter Marsh

Ice on Sprague River

Looking East Across Popham Beach Dec 2005

Ice on Beach Dec 2003

Troll Bridge

Seawall Beach Oct 2006

View from Morse Mountain Winter 2005

Beach Grass and White Rock-Seawall Beach

Bird Tracks on Seawall Beach Dec 2005

Seawall Beach in Winter

Seawall Beach Sun Reflection dec 2005

Water Pool in Snow Dec 2005

White Rocks in Snow Dec 2005

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