MRA Is Going Green

Over the past 15 years, Morse River Associates has made numerous efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. When Eyrie was rebuilt in 2001, we had a solar hot water system installed with a small solar unit to power the circulator pump. Later we installed a small wind turbine called a Windspire to generate electricity. That, sadly, has not performed as hoped and promised, but we are constantly searching for ways to reduce electrical use.

Solar Electricity:
This November, MRA made a more significant investment in reducing our carbon footprint with the installation of photo voltaic cells on the A-frame. This unit is expected to produce about 80% of all the electricity used by our four MRA houses for the entire year. By clicking on link below you can easily see how much energy the unit produces on a daily, monthly, annual, and life-time basis.  (It’s easy to see that the unit produces less energy when it is cloudy.)  The monthly totals have a green bar that represents the expected average monthly totals and we are exceeding these averages so far this year. We’re delighted to have this system up and running and thank Revision Energy for the professional and personable installation.  Great folks to work with.

One obvious way to reduce electrical use is to install energy efficient bulbs and appliances. We started this process when LCD bulbs were the only option. But now that LED bulbs are available in multiple sizes and styles we’re working to replace all light fixtures with these new far more efficient bulbs. We hope to have all the MRA houses fitted exclusively with LEDS in 2016.

Appliances use large amounts of energy and every appliance that we have needed to replaced has been energy efficient.  We recently installed a super efficient  and low water use washing machine at Seagontz.  There will be more such to come. We also strongly recommend that guests in our houses use an old fashioned but highly energy saving appliance for drying clothes - the clotheslines! - rather than the dryers.

A Frame Solar 003
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