Do the houses have WIFI and Cell Phone reception?

Guests have long been interested in WIFI availability in MRA houses.
We’ve made a big step in that direction this year.  Thanks to a clever family who brought an antenna and associated equipment to Seagontz, we learned that it is possible to not only improve cell phone reception but also create a WIFI HotSpot connection, even at our most remote house.  The Seagontz guests brought along a port that connects to the antenna and a cell phone.  A smart phone, seated in the port, can be used as a personal HotSpot - and thus they had WIFI.  When we visited to ask about the unexpected antenna, we saw at least four computers and tablets in use.  MRA has already installed an antenna and port in the A-frame (required for remotely monitoring the new PV system), and we plan to install a similar unit for Seagontz this spring.  It does mean that guests need to be familiar with getting a smart phone switched into the HotSpot mode. 

Cell phone reception at the top of the mountain in Eyrie is usually good enough for establishing a HotSpot at this site. 

That leaves 1877 house still without wifi but we’ll see how things work at the other houses before making that change.

Are there towels and bed linens in the houses?

Yes, all houses have a complete supply of sheets and towels.

Is there a large pot in the house for cooking lobster?

Yes, all houses are provided with a lobster pot.

Where can we buy lobster?

There are two places right on Main Road Rt. 209 and another at the Hermit Island Campground store.

Where can we buy food nearby?

Shaw’s on Rte 1 in Bath and Bracket’s Market on Front Street in Bath are the two full grocery stores. There are small stores with limited supplies in Popham and Phippsburg Center. 

Are there any nearby restaurants?

There are many good restaurants in Phippsburg. Guests can find a complete list in the Tennant’s Guide found in each house.

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